Product category

Aeroengine parts

Products mainly include turbine disc, guide, turbine blade, guide blade, compressor impeller, front casing, turbine casing, shell and other parts of aircraft engine. The products are mainly used in turbofan engines from 10KW to 3000KG thrust, turbojet engines and turboshaft engines and turboprop engines below 1000KW.

Gas turbine parts

Products mainly include turbine blades, guides, guide blades, casings and other parts of gas turbines. The products are mainly used in the fields of new energy vehicles, ship power, natural gas pipeline power, distributed energy and power generation, and the power range of product applications is from 50KW to 35MW.

Turbocharger parts

Products mainly include turbocharger runoff turbine, axial flow turbine, runoff nozzle ring, axial flow nozzle ring, turbine blade and other collar parts. Products are mainly used in ship, railway, power generation and other fields. Product specifications range: single diameter up to 600MM, single weight up to 50KG.

Fan, compressor and pump parts

Products mainly include industrial fans, compressors and pumps centrifugal impeller, axial flow impeller, axial flow blade, diversion ring and other parts. The products are mainly used in tunnel, mine, subway, railway, metallurgy, water treatment, oil, natural gas and other places of fluid machinery equipment. Products have been used in the United States General Electric, Holden, Ingersoll Rand and other brands.

Other parts.

High-temperature alloy product customization processing, according to the customer’s drawings and technical specifications requirements, mainly adopts the vacuum casting method for product casting, and then the subsequent machining to complete the final product delivery.