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Shandong Yili Power Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., LTD., was founded in 2003, mainly using vacuum investment casting for high-temperature alloy parts and low-pressure casting aluminum alloy parts, products are widely used in aviation engines, gas turbines, turbochargers, industrial fans, compressors and pumps and other industries. After years of development and accumulation, Shandong Yili has obtained more than 30 patents and other intellectual property rights, including more than 10 invention patents. It is now a member of Shandong Foundry Association and a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province. With the change of time, it has passed the GJB9001C-2017 weapons and equipment quality management system certification and GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

At present, Shandong Yili has formed an integrated service from the initial drawing transformation — mold design — production process design — casting molding and detection of precision processing, which not only reduces the production cycle of the product, reduces the production cost, but more importantly, controls the entire production process and strictly supervises the product quality.

In terms of production equipment, the company pays attention to the update of equipment and the introduction of advanced equipment. As far as casting equipment is concerned, there are 6 stations of wax shooting machine, 5 vacuum casting furnaces of different weights, 3 low pressure casting furnaces, a number of constant temperature and humidity drying lines and post-cleaning production lines. And constantly improve the lossy non-destructive testing capabilities, with the German SPECTRO spectrometer, ZEISS coordinate, the United States X-ray machine and metallographic detector and room temperature/high temperature/creep tensile testing machine and other testing equipment. In terms of machining, we have Japan Mazak five-axis precision machining machine tools, high-precision grinding machines, Taiwan CNC lathes and other different kinds of processing equipment to meet the processing needs. While improving the equipment, the professional operators are constantly introduced and trained, and have obtained the corresponding certification qualifications.

Shandong Yili in line with the concept of win-win cooperation care about customers, and customers grow together, do customers always reliable back strength. In recent years, more and more well-known enterprises at home and abroad have found Shandong Yili and become long-term stable partners.

We are willing to open the door of cooperation between us, mutual growth and progress, so that Shandong Yili can inject a solid force for the common improvement and development of enterprises.

Create a better future together

Shandong Yili Power Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise integrating customization, production and sales of turbine machinery parts. With solid production technology, excellent product quality and excellent customer service, it has become the preferred turbine parts manufacturer for customers at home and abroad.

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Factory Building ,main business is vacuum, investment casting, lower pressure casting. Include all kind of impellers and blades


Factory relocation, workshop 10000㎡, the enviroment improve, quality control and manufacture ability also be improved


We got the certification of China military quality and secrecy system, and we got into GE supply chain.


The employee number is 100, we supply more than 60 thousand parts each year, and planning the office in US, Europe, Middle east.


The company will focus on super alloy, stainless, aluminum divisions, let the production take the road of professionalism, the annual order is more than 8million dollars.

The employee will reach 150 person, we will supply 100 thousand parts each year. The Sales will be more than 12 million dollars.

Large-scale self-built production workshop

Large-scale self-built production workshop

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Complete range of products

Complete range of products

Custom machining

Custom machining

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Production site visit

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